Guided by the vision of our Board of Directors, the many initiatives to Protect, Connect, Inform, and Promote our members and the insights and data analytics industry are executed by the experienced staff of the Insights Association. Bridging the two are several Committees. Considered “the working arm” of the Board, these groups are comprised of expert practitioners from a wide cross-section of the industry. Committees meet periodically to brainstorm, develop, and execute initiatives to deliver on the key objectives and priorities of the organization.

Among these, the Board will annually appoint the following Standing Committees of the Association.

Charged with developing initiatives that help corporate insights teams and agencies demonstrate the business impact of insights; communicating the value that we deliver as a profession to the business and illustrate how an investment in customer insight will pay off for the company. This includes identifying key elements of culture and process that can then be tailored and adapted to different organizations, industries, and insights techniques; and developing best practices for the measurement and communication of insights impact.

Provides guidance on current and future directions in certification of research and analytics standards; the maintenance and enhancement of Certification (IPC) credentials; and other credentials that ensure that members can adequately and confidently attest to the high quality and consistency of their processes and practices.

Focused on advising the Board on ways to further the success of the Association’s Chapters in their mission to satisfy member needs, including providing education, networking forums, etc.

Responsible for thought leadership including whitepapers, blogs, industry surveys as appropriate aligned to the IA mission and priorities (eg. privacy, data quality, government regulation, trends). Work to ensure effective communication and distribution of IA’s initiatives and content to reach a broader audience and also effectively target specific niche audiences.

Works in tandem with the staff to ensure that IA’s event calendar sufficiently addresses the education and network-building needs of the membership; that all events have a clear value proposition and to support the curation of program content and speakers. The committee will liaise with marketing for communications before, during and after the event to expand visibility and impact. Event strategy, partnerships, and creation would be assessed and evaluated within this committee.

Focused on creating and maintaining partnerships with like-minded associations around the globe to further engage the insights community worldwide and improve business for members in global markets.

Makes recommendations to the Board with respect to measures or activities, whether actual or proposed, by any governmental entity that would affect the conduct, practice, integrity, or efficacy of the research industry as well as members of the Association. The Committee will ensure the dissemination of member guidance regarding compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and court decisions and oversee the Privacy Shield program.

Works to fulfill a mission to deliver measurement, education, and standards of excellence to address the lack of representation in the insights profession and the populations it researches.

Works to ensure effective member recruitment and retention as well as make recommendations to the Board regarding company member applications for membership. This committee will also be heavily involved in updating and helping to communicate the value proposition of the Insights Association.

Considers industry information metrics and reports that may benefit the overall membership in their work – planning, forecasting, budgeting and execution. This may include specific reporting of member business performance, policies, and characteristics by segment; opinions and assessments on market trends, etc. Makes recommendations to the Board regarding survey content, scope, programming/fielding/reporting, and timelines. Ensuring confidentiality of all survey data is a priority. Current initiatives include the Insights & Analytics Market & Top 50 Report; Compensation Survey; Trends Report; Diversity Survey.

Makes recommendations to the Board regarding revisions to the association’s Code of Standards, Guidelines, and any members against whom a complaint is made for failing to comply with the requirements of the Code or Bylaws.


Other Committees may be established as the Board of Directors deems appropriate. If you are an IA member and wish to be considered for Committee service, please contact us.