Insights have no borders. And with each new day, communication becomes easier and access to people, ideas and markets improves. For anyone pursing insights with a willingness to see beyond yesterday’s boundaries, opportunities are limitless.

You are part of a community of marketing researchers, data analysts and other insights leaders who strive for excellence and for whom this pursuit is a business, career and passion. This interest also makes you and your company the curators of a scientific and artistic tradition, and advocates for quality, integrity and the commitment to standards and ethics essential to the growth of the insights industry and profession.


For Canadians, the Insights Association offers the resources of an established and growing industry organization with decades of expertise embodied in an attentive full-time staff and respected volunteer Board of Directors and Committee members.

The Insights Association is equipped and prepared today to fulfill the most pressing needs of Canadians as defined by Canadians who work within this community each day, and is ready to customize and develop new services unique to Canada.

Volunteer & Support

Volunteers represent a key strategic asset of the Insights Association.

The membership of the Canadian Chapter includes insights leaders from across Canada. The chapters mission is to protect, expand and advance the business and practice of marketing research, intelligence and data analytics/science through member benefits tailored to Canadian insights companies and professionals.

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Our Board

Isabelle Landreville


Pat Pellegrini


Evan Lyons

Vice President

Kevin Hare


Erin Cohen


Corrin Harper

Director at Large

Joe Amati

Director at Large

Steve Olsen

Director at Large

Joseph Chen

Director at Large

Zeina Khamis

Director at Large

Luke Stringer

Director at Large

Catherine Yuile

Director at Large

Anne-Marie Newton

Director at Large

Dave Scott

Director at Large

Kamal Singh Oberoi

Director at Large

Linda Di Luzio

Director at Large

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