Build Your Brand + Boost Your Lead Gen

We offer the ability to sponsor and exhibit at the following conferences:
- IA Annual Conference – April 4-6, Philadelphia
- The X Event – June 2-3 | Atlanta -
Elevating understanding and teamwork across CX, UX & Insights
- The IDEA Forum – August 9-10 | Online - An occasion for understanding, inspiration, and action as together we address deficient diversity and inclusion in the insights profession and the populations it researches.
- CRC (Corporate Researchers Conference) – October 26-28 | New York City - IA’s largest event, with corporate researchers making up about half of its 600+ attendees. The program features case studies from leading and emerging brands; an exhibit hall with 60+ exhibitors and multiple networking functions.
- CONVERGE – December 6 | Online - fulfills a crucial need for those working in the confluence of data analytics, consumer insights, and market research to expand their network and knowledge.

We are open to working with you to create a sponsorship that meets your goals and fits your budget.
Popular ways for you to build your brand at our events include:

  • Exhibiting
  • Client Case Study – Enables you to showcase the value of your services (content should be educational and not overtly sales-oriented; must be reviewed / approved by IA; must include a brand-side co-presenter).
  • Sponsorship of Meal, Reception or Break
  • Sponsorship of Coffee / Refreshments
  • Sponsorship of Excursion, Outing, Live Entertainment
  • Sponsorship of a Keynote Presenter (Business expert, author, brand leader, etc.) Sponsoring company may introduce session.
  • Commercial – your 30-45-second ad shown during event

Standard Sponsor Benefits (included with most event sponsorships):

  • Delegate List. You will receive a preliminary conference attendee list before the event (name, title, and company name) and a final list after the event (to also include e-mail addresses for those attendees who opt-in).
  • Pre-event Branding – Your logo will be featured in digital marketing materials (e-blasts and social media posts).
  • Website Branding – Logo and company description posted on event website with a hyperlink to your website.

These virtual sessions are a popular and effective way to explain the value of your services directly to prospective customers.

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Platform: Hosted on IA’s Zoom; a member of the IA team will introduce your presenter(s) and moderate Q&A.
  • Expected Attendance: IA webinars average between 125-450 registrations. Typically half attend live with many accessing the recording afterward. To boost attendance, we recommend providing educational content and including a client-side presenter if possible.
  • Promotion: IA will include the webinar on the calendar of upcoming events on the IA website; two dedicated e-mail blasts will be sent to our entire database; the event will also be included in our bi-weekly e-newsletter and in social media posts. We encourage sponsors to promote the event as well.
  • Attendee List: Sponsor will name, title, and company name for those registering + e-mail addresses for those attendees who opt in to share that additional information.
  • Timeline: We require that all content (title and description of session, along with presenter bios and photos) be sent at least 6 weeks in advance to ensure adequate promotion.



  • IA Website - Banner ads on IA home page; key landing pages
  • IA Newsletter - Delivered to all members every 2 weeks - Banner Ads - Advertorials - Articles / White Papers – Link to your landing page / lead gen
  • Ad Retargeting - Have your ads served thousands of times to qualified leads, guaranteed!
  • List in IA’s Blue Book – The premier Insights solutions directory